Sleigh Beds for More Unique Bedroom Design

Sleigh Beds for More Unique Bedroom Design

Sleigh beds can be regarded as unique in their design. Well, normally kids’ beds receive more unique design than the beds for adults. But, here beds with sleigh design can be a nice and unique choice for adults to choose to be placed in their bedroom. Yes, as the name suggests, this bed looks like a sleigh for it has curved foot and headboard. It has existed since the early 19th century and is made from various materials, like wood, iron, steel, and aluminum.

Sleigh Beds Nowadays

Sleigh beds are quite highly in demand nowadays. Of course, it is because of its unique design. Mostly, this bed has curved foot and headboard. Sometimes, the foot can be a bit higher than usual. Sometimes, you might also find the one with pretty high headboard. Well, if it is like this, you can always rest your back against it however tall you are. Often, this design is that of antique variety.

Sleigh beds like that can be pretty expensive since they are so rare. Yes, you can conclude that the antique sleigh beds are the ones that have exaggerated curves of both the foot and the headboard. The modern ones have been made lesser than that. Although the headboard is not as tall as the antique one, you can still rest your back against it. Furthermore, it blends perfectly with modern bedroom design.

Sleigh beds might be pretty flexible actually. The change of the old sleigh-style beds to the new ones are not only that. Sometimes, it has no curved foot at all. Thus, you can be seen from the foot direction if you sleep on the bed. Sometimes, the curve exists, but is not that high to be able to not let you be seen. Regardless of that, this bed’s presence does contribute in making unique bedroom design.

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