In Ground Fire Pit for Your Yard

In Ground Fire Pit for Your Yard

In ground fire pit will make your summer perfect. You can invite your friends to enjoy the vacation. Enjoy the night sky with roasting marshmallows and sing a song together around the fire pit in ground. You can buy the fire pit from store, but why spend more money if you can make it yourself. Here are the steps. And, prepare to enjoy your joyful night summer sky to create unforgettable memories.

Do It Yourself In-Ground Fire Pit

In ground fire pit has the fire that look as if it emerge from the earth. It will make the flames more beautiful than any other type of fire pit. It can be made as simple as digging a hole on the ground or make it complex in a fire brick-lined pit in a formal patio. In land fire pit can reduce the risks like high leaping flames that can be dangerous to burn something above. But, it also has some risks, like children or pets can easily stumble into the fire. Adult supervision is a must when you use this kind of pit.

In ground fire pit must be covered when it’s unused to keep it from the weather and prevent anyone from tumbling into it. You should also keep it at least 20 feet away from nearby structures, brushes, or lower trees. Don’t forget to check your local regulations to make sure your fire pit is legal. Experts recommend that the base should be positioned 6 to 12 inches below the surrounding. If you plan to cook in your fire pit, position the base correctly so flames reach the food completely.

In ground fire pit can be created as simple as dig a hole in the ground like previously mentioned. First of all, you can create a diameter that you want in your pit. A two- to three-foot-wide pit will accommodate three to four people easily. Add another foot for every additional one to two people. Mark the center of the pit and measure outwards to the half distance of the diameter. Mark the surrounding lawn and start digging to 6 to 12 inches depth. After that, make a smaller, three- to four-inch-deep circle inside the fire pit. Fill the inner circle with stones to create a natural drainage. Cover the entire pit base with two inches of sand. Surround the outer edge of pit with stones.

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